Contacts are what’s really important

While you are positioning yourself to build and grow a successful business, there are many, many different intangibles that need to be taken into consideration. Regardless of the business that you choose you will need clients, or contacts. There are several ways to acquire those contacts that you want to eventually turn into clients. Before the invention of the internet the ways to actually market to individuals were very limited, simply because of the cost involved. There were newspaper, magazines,TV, etc.. and all those were somewhat expensive. Which means many simply could not afford to reach the masses that are possible to reach today.

  • Now the writing of this article is 2010, and now more than ever before information travels at virtually the speed of light. What once took days,weeks,and even months to get to everyone now with the invention of the worldwide web, or aka the internet, moves information within seconds. You also have the ability to add people that you contact either by email, social media,blogs,etc… and these are only a few of the many ways to recruit contacts. The systems are so advanced today that you can build a list of contacts and sell or market your list for cash. The ability to start and grow a successful business is not only done quickly but also very inexpensively. The online presence is a prime opportunity for many people who can’t afford the large start up cost of a brick and mortar business.
  • One of the mentors that I followed when I began my quest for success told me Larry I’m going to tell you something I want you to always remember, and he said always make lists, at the time I really didn’t understand what he meant by it. As time has gone on it is something that I not only understand but make every effort to pass on to the people that follow me. At the end of the day when you market to people online or offline you must keep in mind that everyone who reads or listens to what you are saying can possibly become your client and you need a way to contact them. Because many of the things that you market they will want to either know about or even buy. Now one of the tips I like to leave with my followers is you must have a system in place to collect and organize your possibly contacts, as you make contact either through email, social media, Facebook, Twitter, and the list goes on.-


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